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Single Dad Protector

I love a challenge. And Ember Jones is the perfect challenge for me.
Those green eyes. That blond hair. That cynical, sarcastic tongue.
I bet I can put her tongue to much better use.
But first, I need to tackle something else.
There’s a baby on my doorstep, with a note saying she’s mine.
And I don’t know how to be a father.

So, I’m paying Ember to look after my kid.
If I end up in the nanny’s panties, then…
Where’s the harm in that?

Problem is, being a billionaire comes at a cost.
Always someone out to get you, to destroy everything you love.
To keep my daughter safe, I need to come up with a plan.
Step one: get a fake wife.
Step two: prepare for a fight.

I know Ember can handle the pretend marriage.
And there’s something else I think she can handle too:
My bad boy physique, slammed up against her beautiful body.
Dominating her every f**king chance I get.
I just need to protect her at the same time.
Then I might even be able to make this marriage mean something.
And my pretty little wife will be gasping for all the right reasons.

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