©2019 by Everly Chase.

Soulmate by Chance

First we tie the knot, then we say ‘no strings’. Now we’re tangled.


Being hitched to Cole Striker was meant to be simple…


It hasn’t exactly worked out for me in the city.

So, I make a deal.

Six months of married life on a ranch, then I get paid.

Only snag is my ‘husband’ is the hottest guy on the planet.


The six-pack. The tats. The tight jeans.

What’s a girl to do?

Especially when Hubby isn’t used to taking no for an answer.

But the second I surrender to him…

Everything comes undone.


Dark secrets. Shady connections.

Someone else pulling the strings.

Then, much as we try to fight it, our fates are tied.

Will our souls be bound forever?

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